$10 per square foot - simple. This category of pricing typically doesn't involve any people or animals in the composition. 

$15 per square foot - moderately detailed. May include a few animals, or highly stylized characters done in an illustrative style. 

$20 per square foot -  detailed. May include a few animals or people painted in a realistic manner. 

$35 per square foot - extremely detailed as well as complex! This may include portraits of specific people, animals, locations. This category may also include many people to fill up the space! The more people per mural, the more time consuming. 

With every mural comes planning and communication. I provide a free 30-45 minute consultation to discover if we're a good fit for one another. This meeting is where I learn about your vision and expectations as well as share my professional insight. If i share your vision and you decide to hand your project over to me, I take care of everything else.

I charge a $150 custom design fee for each new design I create. There is one free change included in this design fee if you feel something I planned needs to be altered to fit your needs- any additional change after this one will be an additional $50.

Clients will have a small art supply and transportation fee depending on what is needed per project.